Writing a Cover Letter

What is a cover letter and why is it important? A cover letter is a document written to accompany your CV when you’re applying for jobs. This

      12 months ago
Registering as a Candidate

Are you looking for a new job in the Engineering, Technology, Finance, FinTech, Energy, or Life Sciences sectors?   By signing up for a free

      1 year ago
Registering as an Employer

By registering for an Employer account with FINTEC recruit, you are taking the steps to improving your recruitment process. FINTEC recruit lets

      1 year ago
Refusing a Job Offer

It’s always a happy boost to know a company wants to hire us when we receive notification of a job offer. That being said, we might not always

      1 year ago
Settling into a New Job

The mixture of excitement and nerves you feel on the first day of a new job is difficult to replicate. It’s time to put all your experience in to

      1 year ago
What To Do Post Interview

The interview process is finally over and you’re wondering what to do next while you wait to hear if you got the job. There are many useful

      1 year ago
Interviews: Answering Complex Questions

There are a few different styles of interview that you might encounter. Interviewers may commonly ask competency-based questions which can take

      1 year ago
Body Language and Interviews

It’s important to be able to answer those big interview questions well on your journey to securing your ideal job, and so is presenting yourself

      1 year ago
Video Tips for Candidates

Interviews can be a nerve-racking experience at the best of times but throw Zoom links and webcams into the mix and you’ll have a bit more

      1 year ago
Preparing for the Job Hunt

Whether you’re beginning the job hunt for the first time or the hundredth time, the process can be equally daunting. To give this turbulent time

      1 year ago
Creating a Person Specification

What is a person specification? A person specification is an extension of a job description. This describes the kind of person most suitable for

      1 year ago

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