Writing Your Resignation

19th Dec 2022 | Fintec Recruit Limited

The time has come to leave your job and move on to new adventures. You’ll want to compose a top-notch resignation letter to end this chapter of your career. Here are our tips for writing the perfect resignation letter!


Say What You Mean

State your intentions in the opening statement of your introduction. It’s important that the person reading your resignation letter quickly knows what it is. Avoid sugar coating things and state the purpose of your letter clearly and succinctly.


Set the Date

Now that your manager knows your intentions, you should specify the date in which your notice period ends. The length of your notice period will depend on your employer, and you should easily be able to find this in your employment contract. We recommend that you honour your notice period to maintain your professionalism. If you need to terminate your employment before your notice period is up however, try to give as much notice as possible and convey this in your letter of resignation.


Giving Your Reasons

At this point in your letter, you’ll need to decide whether to declare your reason for resigning or not. This is optional though including your reason will help to explain more clearly the circumstances of your resignation. If you’ve been working with the company for a long time, you’ve more than likely built strong working relationships with co-workers and management. You might want to consider sharing your next steps in your resignation if you’re leaving the company on positive note.


Take a Moment of Reflection

In this section of your letter, you should reflect on your time with the company. Consider fond memories, achievements, or areas where you have improved during your time with them. Be sure to express your gratitude for the opportunity to have undertaken your role within the company. Avoid mentioning any negatives of your experience in your letter to keep things as professional and straightforward as possible.


Signing Off

Ensure you tie up the end of your letter with a pleasant and polite outro. Very briefly sum up your resignation and be sure to sign your name at the end. Once you have finished composing your letter, be sure to read it over and double check you have included everything you wanted to communicate. Your resignation letter should be polite and matter of fact, so ensure that this tone is conveyed in your writing.


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