We don’t just sit on our laurels, we offer recruitment innovation to the industry providing our clients with a streamlined, transparent, faster direct application process.

Our approach is bringing recruitment back into your Hiring Managers control, while maximising relevant applications for your vacancies.

The energy sector consists of a large group of inter-related companies that cover a wide variety of energy. The two major types of energy are non-renewable energy such as oil and gas and nuclear and renewable energy such as hydropower, solar and wind power. Energy companies make substantial investment in research and development (R&D) to update technology to improve efficiency and adapt to the changing environmental policies.

What type of jobs do we fill?

We fill roles from Fabricators to Nuclear Engineers. You’ll find us recruiting for roles such as Health and Safety Officers, Oil and Gas Engineers, or Geoscience and Marine experts!

Our reach in sourcing relevant and skilled candidates is extensive. We don’t just rely on our own database, we are also licenced on the top UK job sites, reaching out to top talent for the industries we support. Our sourcing reach for the energy disciplines includes over 300,000 candidates.


We provide you with proven candidates, who will bring added value solutions in making an immediate impact and contribution for your business.

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