Increasing Productivity at Work

17th Jan 2023 | Fintec Recruit Limited

The workday can be full of what seems to be endless tasks that begin to pile up and can very easily overwhelm us. This paired with faltering productivity, and the need for a boost in motivation can easily become the perfect trap to let our work get ahead of us.

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, we have a few tips and tricks to help you keep your productivity levels up and in turn increase your job satisfaction!


  1. Prioritise


You may find it helpful to take a moment at the beginning of your workday to make a list of all the tasks you need to get done. With this list, prioritise which items need addressed first in terms of importance and the length of time they should take to complete. For example, if you have tasks that are crucial to complete before you can move onto something else, prioritise the biggest tasks first. By picking one task to focus on and avoiding multitasking. Though doing two tasks at once sounds like you’re being productive, you’re likely to wear yourself out by exerting too much energy at once. Sticking to one task at a time allows you to focus your attention and keep tabs on your progress more effectively.


  1. Goal Setting


Setting goals to complete larger tasks in smaller sections helps to keep the productivity flowing through you. By meeting these smaller goals, you should feel more motivated to go further and successfully reach the next one. By completing your goals one by one, you’ll build your task to completion bit by bit.


  1. Take Breaks


It may sound counterintuitive to stop working when you’re trying to be more productive. Taking breaks allows you to reset your concentration and recharge your mental battery so you can be more productive for longer. This can be particularly useful if you work from home. Consider taking 10-minute breaks every so often throughout the workday so you don’t become easily distracted.


  1. Sharing is Caring


Your weekly workload might seem overwhelming some days. If you’re part of a team it can help to delegate responsibilities. It can be useful to delegate tasks to someone who is better equipped to handle those particular ones. By splitting tasks up proportionally in a team, productivity levels increase, and the workload appears more manageable.


  1. Reschedule


With the rigid 9-5 jobs becoming less and less common, you can use this as an opportunity to figure out your most productive period in the day. If you’re lucky enough to have a flexible working arrangement, consider doing work tasks at your more productive times of day where you feel the most motivation and energy to get tasks completed.


Things to consider…

While these tips are useful for making changes to your work routine, its important to implement them one by one as opposed to all at once where you might struggle to learn and maintain these new habits. It’s also important to make use of holidays so you can take time off and return fresh and ready to get back to business!


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