How to Get Headhunted

17th Jan 2023 | Fintec Recruit Limited

What does it mean to be headhunted?

Headhunting is when a recruitment professional actively search using CV databases and networks to locate ideal talent to fill existing vacancies. The individuals who are headhunted by recruiters and hiring professionals may also already be in employment. When you are headhunted, you are invited to apply for the role on offer due to your skills and experience and suitability for the job.


How do I get noticed by Headhunters?

FINTEC recruit have over 11 years of expertise in specialised hunting. Here are some tips on how you can get noticed by professional recruiters!


  1. Put yourself out there

Arguably the most important step in getting noticed is making sure your CV is out on as many reputable CV databases as possible i.e., CV library, Totaljobs, LinkedIn. By ensuring you’ve uploaded your CV, you’ll appear in more recruiter searches and be more likely to be contacted than others. You can do this even if you are currently in a role, as this shows that you are open to new opportunities, while indirectly searching for new roles. Always ensure your full name and contact details are visible on your CV so you can be easily contacted.


  1. Give your professionalism a makeover

The foundation to professionalism is an excellent CV. Use this as a starting point to build on your professionalism. You’ll want to take any opportunity that arises to help demonstrate your professionalism at any turn. Sharpening up your listed skills, managing industry related content, and attending industry related events are all good ways of getting noticed by headhunters.


  1. Get in touch

It can often be useful to get noticed by headhunters by reaching out to them first! Though it’s unlikely that you’ll be offered a new job right away after reaching out, it will get you noticed and oftentimes, Headhunters will ask for a copy of your CV which they may keep on file. This increases your chances of being considered for a new role at a later date.


The best way to get in contact with a headhunter is usually by email or through LinkedIn. This will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself, send any relevant documents and allow the recruiter to gain a better overall picture of you.


  1. Sell your skills

Learning how to sell your skills and experience in order to show your suitability for a job is a key component to getting noticed by headhunters, particularly if they’ve seen your CV in databases or come across your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you don’t leave out any valuable skills and experience you’ve gained as these will be what hooks, lines, and sinks headhunters when reviewing your CV and profile.


Headhunters will usually know very quickly from first glance if your CV is worth further inspection. Be sure to present your information clearly and concisely so headhunters are more likely to spend time on you. Ensure you’ve got your CV out to as many reputable CV database sites as possible. You’ll also want to make sure that you are easily contactable via phone or email, and this should be clearly stated on your CV.


Follow these steps and you’ll surely increase your chances of being spotted by a headhunter!


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