Improve Your Job Search

23rd Aug 2022 | Fintec Recruit Limited

How to Improve Your Job Search


Everyone finds themselves looking for a new job at some point or other, whether you’re unemployed or just simply looking for a change in employment. Whatever the case, job searching can be a long and tedious process before finally achieving success.

Here are some of our top tips to gain greater success in the job searching process!


1. Consider Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is an important way of communicating to recruiters and other professionals. Your personal brand conveys your professionalism, individuality and helps you to stand out from the competition. You can do this through personal presentation, your online presence and how you interact with your network of recruiters, hiring managers and employers. Think carefully about what you want your personal brand to be.


2. Make Every Minute Count

Pay attention to what jobs you’re applying to. Make sure that you apply for vacancies that are more likely to bring results and avoid spending time applying for every job you see. This also applies when networking. It’s easy to get lost down the LinkedIn rabbit hole, so try to keep fresh in your mind who you should be reaching out to and if they have something to offer you in your search for employment. Keep things straightforward and relevant.


3. Get Linked in with a LinkedIn

What better way to showcase yourself and your abilities than with a LinkedIn profile? Make yourself easier to find and readily accessible for employers through a quick instant message. Put yourself out there more with regular updates on your professional progress and find like-minded individuals to connect and network with.


4. Create an Outstanding CV

Your CV should sparkle with your skills and experience, so don’t let spelling and grammatical errors dull your dazzle. It’s okay to take a step away from your CV and come back with fresh eyes. Alternatively, we recommend letting people you trust scan your CV for any errors you might miss. This will ensure that your CV will be remembered for your abilities rather than the visual mistakes.


5. Know Your Stuff

You’ve successfully applied for carefully chosen vacancies with your fantastic CV and have been selected for interview. Congratulations! Now it’s time to find out as much as you can about this employer. Doing this research helps to convey your interest in the company, create original responses to complex interview questions and share your knowledge on the competition if asked. This will also give you an indication as to career progression opportunities that may arise within the company. Stand out from the crowd by brushing up on your company knowledge!


6. “It’s all about who you know.”

It can often be useful to utilise connections you make through friendships and networking. The people who know us best may be able to point us in the right direction or put in a good word. This is the same for expanding your relationships and meeting like-minded people who will support you on your journey. It’s important to put in the hard work while accepting help to progress your skills and career.


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