How to Create a Job Description

12th Sep 2022 | Fintec Recruit Limited

It’s time to onboard a new employee for your fantastic team! Perhaps you’re looking to fill a pre-existing role or something entirely brand new. Whatever the case, you’ll want to make sure that the job description you are assigning to this role is up to date and relevant for your company’s present (and potentially future) needs.


Helpful tip: A job description is useful for creating job adverts that will attract candidates at the right level and experience for the position.


Where do I begin?

Before you begin jotting down your job description, consider:

  • Talking with various managers and key stakeholders within the organisation to discuss all aspects required for this role. Think critically about necessary qualifications, skills and experience you’re looking for.
    • Are the criteria realistic?
    • Does the salary match qualification level requirements?
  • Writing down what you believe the job requirements are. This is essential for pre-interview preparation.


What should I include?

Job descriptions are easier to read and understand when they are broken down into sections using headings. Some headings you’ll want to include are:

  • Job Title:
  • Location:
  • Status: (Permanent, Temporary or Fixed term)
  • Hours/Days of work:
  • Reports to:
  • Objective:
  • Duties: (A list of frequent key tasks and any occasional infrequent tasks)
  • Terms: (Salary, benefits, and bonuses)


What should I think about?

Let’s recap! To be able to write the most recent and relevant job description for your new vacancy, you’ll want to think about:

  • Goals & Objectives – the need this role aims to fill.
  • Relevant responsibilities – the tasks and duties to be performed in this role.
  • Expectations – what results are expected from the candidate in this role.
  • Qualifications – the appropriate level of education and training for this role.
  • Knowledge & Skills – important experience and skills the candidate should have.
  • Personal Characteristics – the attitude and personal abilities that a suitable candidate will possess.


Keep in mind: It will stand you in good stead to differentiate between essential and desirable skills for the role. It will keep your talent pool open and offer a larger variety of candidates to choose from.


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