Selecting your Recruitment Partner

**Do they know where to find available talent
**what reach do they have
**Have a finger on the pulse on their markets
**Expertise in reaching passive and activecandidates
**Knowledge of hiring complexities in arestricted talent pool and able to advise on alternative solutions
**Approachable, personable and agenuine interest in understanding your company culture and become your right hand partner
**Be your eyes and ears in the marketplace
**Is the Recruitment company a member of a professional recruitment body

Audrey at FINTEC recruit says she has more companies looking for a closer partnership and a trusted managed service and loves to
be that ‘right hand–go to’ resource.  It’s not just attracting the talent, it’s a skill in filtering, assessing and matching the right selection of candidates for individual positions. It can be a time consuming process with a lot of patience, perseverance and determination to source the perfect

FINTEC work away in the background allowing clients to focus on their business operations. In working closely with our clients, we can promote their brand and able to give prospective employees an insight into the business. A highly positive experience all round and FINTEC recruit offer FREE online Video Screening which is beneficial when our client manager’s are geographically spread out.

If you would like to chat with Audrey, on recruitment solutions for your business, email to arrange an appointment – or call
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