Executive Search

For senior professional vacancies, where you require additional support and expertise in sourcing the right calibre, experience and skills, we offer headhunting services.  For our exclusive retained services, we work closely with your managers in understanding your business, the role and requirements, setting out our methods, our planning and processes to bring through candidates for your selection and recruitment to be in line with your strategy plans and timescales.

Our recruitment services for Executive Search range across all our sectors including the following areas areas:-

  • Commercial

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Management 

  • Human Resources

  • Business Development

  • Procurement

  • Digital and Communication

Business Support

Business support roles are essential for any successfully functioning organisation. These range from Human Resources addressing all kinds of issues such as recruitment and training, to procurement, helping organisations maximise their profitability. Other business support roles include administration, business development, sales, marketing, logistics and many more.

We recruit for the following disciplines across all our sectors:

  • Sales

  • Business Development

  • Account Manager

  • Human Resources

  • Procurement

  • Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Training

  • Commercial Managers and Supervisors

  • Business Analysts




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