Video Interviewing

Employers can give  their applicants a unique experience and let them express themselves beyond their CV.

A real time saver for Employers, giving back valuable time in utilising FINTEC recruit pre-recorded 'e select' Video tools.   Reduce geographical barriers where Hiring Managers are in different office locations within the UK or around the Globe.

For retained recruitment this is free for our clients to use and all organised and set up by our FINTEC Consultants

'e-select' Video Interviewing

We are bringing something new to the recruitment scene in 2018 to take your hiring strategy, recruitment process and staff retention to the next level.

Let our business take the pressure off by putting technology at the heart of your recruitment process. Our ‘e-select’ pre-recorded interview service will improve your recruitment process, selection and staff retention.

Merry Xmas to all

Our FINTEC Freddie (created by Megan), has made an appearance to wish you all a happy holiday and a great year ahead.  

Look out for new job seeking tips and advice from Freddie in 2018 !

Caledonia Pride #Talent

FINTEC recruit is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Caledonia Pride, sponsoring Pride Captain, Robyn Lewis and fellow Scottish talent, Sarah Thomson for the 2017-18 season.  

We are excited about working with such talented sportswomen and with Caledonia Pride and basketballscotland, wishing them great success over the 2017 - 18 WBBL season





Recruitment  -  Is it who you know   OR   what you know ?

Recruitment  -  Is it who you know   OR   what you know ?

A great debate and I’m sure at various times throughout our careers and job seeking you will have thought about this while looking for your next job; is it who you know or what you know!

It is evident within sectors that networks are important and we all draw on our contacts from previous employments as well as on family, friends etc.

Retaining Top Talent

Retaining Top Talent

It’s a challenging time for businesses in the technology and Fintech sectors, the growth and opportunity within the sector means there is fierce competition in retaining their best staff .

Businesses are striving to offer the demographic make-up of their teams with such incentives as cinema memberships, free fruit, cycle schemes, out of hours team events, and even a free weekly massage!

How to find the best candidates for your fintech company

This is an incredibly exciting period for Fintech companies thanks to the acceleration of the industry.

Many UK Fintech businesses – both startups and more established companies – are in the market for exceptional candidates to take advantage of this period of growth.

The problem is, fintech by its very nature is a niche and specialist category. Finding suitably qualified candidates that are a good match for Fintec companies is consistently touted by industry insiders as one of the biggest challenges.

How we are doing recruitment in a different way

FINTEC recruit is continually working across a number of engineering and technical sectors and recently we have learned a lot about the benefits of flexibility.


When industries change, the companies around them have to adapt and that’s exactly what we at FINTEC recruit are doing. We’re changing the way we do things and it’s hugely exciting!

Our new approach is going to enable us to offer an even higher level of service to clients in an even broader range of sectors. But how are we going to do this, you might ask?